Accounting and Taxing for companies and individuals in Austria and Liechtenstein


Services for companies and customer in Austria



  • Document organization, account assignment and posting
  • Ongoing reconciliation of accounts
  • Open item management of customers and suppliers
  • Short-term income statement
  • Accrual accounting
  • UVA


Payroll accounting

  • Registration and deregistration with the health insurance fund
  • Ongoing payroll accounting
  • Management of payroll accounts
  • Calculation and reporting of social security contributions and wage-related taxes


Tax consultancy

  • permanent representation before the tax authorities
  • current bookkeeping and payroll accounting
  • labor and social security consulting
  • annual financial statements, balance sheets, income and expenditure statements, surplus statements
  • tax returns
  • employee tax assessment
  • renting and leasing
  • Company formation
  • Tax optimization of the choice of legal form and reorganization
  • Business succession, business closure
  • Representation during tax audits
  • Consulting and representation in tax proceedings
  • Reorganization consulting


Business management consulting

  • Evaluation of accounting data
  • Balance sheet and profit and loss analyses
  • Comparative and planning accounting
  • Planned balance sheets and budgets
  • Strategic comparative and planning calculations for investment and 
  • financing decisions
  • Business plans
  • Business valuation
  • Target/actual comparisons
  • Introduction of cost and performance accounting
  • Application for (start-up) subsidies


For non-entrepreneurs

  • Employee assessments
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • for employees, workers, pensioners
  • Advice on special expenses and extraordinary burdens
  • Processing of all applications to the tax office